Outdoor Party Essentials

Looking to host the perfect outdoor party? Here are some ideas that could help you along, no matter what type of party you're hosting.

Cater for all weather, just in case - you don't want bad weather to ruin your party, do you?

Think of setting up a marquee or tent, and consider the size based on the number of people you're expecting! We can offer a wide range of different marquees and tents to cater for all occasions and weather. If you feel a little bit fancy then go ahead and book a FlexiTent - It's on the high end price but they create a breath-taking environment! 

Now that you've got a dry location, think of heating things up! Keeping people warm, they'll stay longer and have more fun. We can offer a wide range of outdoors heaters, which can be easily placed inside our marquees!

Are you doing a BBQ? Consider hiring a commercial barbeque for the day so that a lot of food can be cooked at once. It makes for an easier job and gives the cook more time to mingle with guests than be on BBQ duties the whole time.

If people are bringing their own drinks, make sure there are enough eskis or drinks tubs with ice!

Music - hire a sound system and then set your ipod to whatever music your guests like. It can be at the background or in the foreground to get your guests dancing. You can direct the speakers to a certain area so people can either have a boogie or chat with friends away from the music.

Lots of lights! It adds to the atmosphere. Try garden lights, mood lighting, disco lights or even lasers. Balloons and other decorations that will also make your party colorful.

Personalise your party! Have a theme, whether it be a color, or a dress up theme. If you're hosting the party for someone, make the theme personal to them, ie their favorite movie, color, or dressing up to something beginning with the first letter of their name.

Keep a normal and recycling bin outside and mention to guests that it's there. It will make the job of cleaning up a lot simpler.

Want to host the perfect kids party? Talk to your kid. They know what's cool and what's not. You may need to cater for a range of dietary requirements so it's worth asking the other parents. There should be a range of activities that will suit everyone. Games and prizes will keep them entertained. Want to save money on hiring a clown? Find a willing parent who is willing to take on the role and hire the outfit.

The most important tip - have fun and mingle with your guests!