Throwing a luxury backyard party on a budget

Thinking about hosting a backyard party celebration but want to throw a more luxurious affair, without the hassle of having to do it all yourself. A classier party doesn’t always equate to spending a fortune and it can be done in a way that minimises your effort.

Wanted, Extra Room

Everybody that you invited has said that they will be attending your party. They must have known that it will be the most ‘happening’ party in the neighbourhood. That doesn’t normally happen though, does it? Normally some guests don’t turn up, correct? But what if they do all turn up? Everybody is suddenly very aware of their personal space, as well sore toes and feet from being stepped on in the large crowd.

What you really need is extra outdoor space, which can offer your guests comfort come rain or shine. A marquee could be your solution, and you don’t even need to buy one. There are a range of sizes that you can hire from 90 square metres through to 3000 square metres. The size of your backyard or venue will determine the size that you are able to fit in.

Your guests can spread throughout your party and they won’t feel that they have to continuously look at the ground to make sure that they don’t tread on other’s feet. 

A Bath Full of Beer

So you have the plug in the bath, ready to fill it with bags of ice that to keep the beer and drinks cool. This is in addition to the esky’s at the ready to quickly hydrate your guests; you don’t want anybody to go thirsty. And you couldn’t possibly offer a warm beer on what is traditionally a warm time of year.

Not a very classy affair really, is it! Why not forego the beers and instead look at the option of a frozen cocktail slushie machine.

You can offer more than one type of frozen cocktail (and there doesn’t have to be alcohol in it), there is no way that the drinks will be warm and your guests can stay hydrated for the duration of the party.

Everybody is watered, now it’s BBQ time, right?

The drinks are sorted; everybody is having fun spread comfortably throughout the party, so now it’s time to turn on the BBQ to cook the food.

As barbecuing is an Australian culinary tradition and Aussies seem to be born with the ability to know how to BBQ, surely a backyard celebration wouldn’t be the same without firing up the BBQ. Is that the sort of classy food that you wish to offer your guests?

What if you hired caterers to oversee your catering requirements? You can offer your guests more than a simple snag or burger. And it also means that you don’t have to do it yourself. 

Watching the Cricket

It’s tradition that the cricket has to be on during any summer celebration. Isn’t the only acceptable way to watch the cricket is to crowd everybody around the family TV craning necks, peering over other’s shoulders and shuffling into a better position to catch a quick glimpse?

A far more glamorous and pleasurable viewing experience would be to screen it on large TVs dotted around your venue (whether it’s inside the house or in the backyard). Or even air it on a large projector screen. That way everybody can see what is happening, your guests don’t leave with sore necks and they can continue to enjoy the party from where they stand. TVs and projector screens can be easily and reasonably hired, so you are not left with the huge bill of purchasing these items yourself.

You can spark up the BBQ any time of year, and those beers can be drunk at any other celebration. By adding a more luxurious feel to your party, your guests will feel extra special and be clamouring to secure an invite to your next backyard celebration. And it is possible to do it on a budget.

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