Top Tips for a Fun Outdoor Winter Party


With summer being the most popular season to host a backyard party or wedding due to the more appealing weather, it is easy to see why winter is often overlooked.  

That doesn’t mean that those looking to host a party should hibernate in front of the fire wearing their winter woollies and wait until the fairer seasons arrive. There are ways that you can still throw the perfect party in winter, whilst keeping your guests warm and cosy at the same time.

Marquees aren’t just limited to summer

Okay, we agree that winter doesn’t evoke instant images of marquees, but that doesn’t mean that they should be dismissed either.

Powerful heaters can make a marquee toasty and warm outside (warm enough that your guests may even forget that it is winter). Make sure that your marquee suppliers provide enough heating and that the heaters are evenly spaced. There’s nothing worse than some guests too hot up one end of the marquee and others freezing at the opposite end because the heaters haven’t been placed in the correct position.

The use of different flooring is also recommended; a hard floor instead of summer matting as it protects any waterlogged grounds.

The beauty and convenience of a marquee can be the centre of your celeb rations, whatever the season.

Winter themed party

So you decided a marquee will work for you, now what theme should you go with? Why not create a winter wonderland theme using whites and silver.

Dress up your tables in white linen, use white and silver plates, silver rimmed glasses and your centrepieces can be white flowers or feathers. For that extra touch, you can add paper snowflakes and silver baubles; although we understand if this is too much seeing as it doesn’t snow as much in Australia

A lolly bar filled with white lollies will finish off the theme.

Whatever the final theme you decide upon, make sure that your guests know in advance that it is going to be an outdoor party so they can dress appropriately (and so that they can fully enjoy your party). You may also wish to supply extra blankets to keep them cosy. 

Sweeten your guests with crepes, chocolate fountains and hot chocolate

So you have your catering organised but want to offer that little bit extra for your guests. Did you know that you can get a hot chocolate station? Keep them warm and toasty with delicious hot chocolate which you can also make alcoholic or non-alcoholic depending upon what you feel like.  Chocolate fountains continue to be a firm favourite with our clients. We believe that you can never have too much chocolate so why not order one of these as well. Marshmallows, strawberries or indulge in profiteroles, croissants or meringues. Your guests will love you for it.

A crepe station is a nice addition to any party; watching them being made in front of you with that sweet smell, makes them truly irresistible. With a combination of toppings, your guests will have a great choice of their favourites.

Whatever type of party you are hosting, whether a special birthday celebration, anniversary or wedding and whatever the season, winter can be just as great a time of year to hold your party.