Clear Span Marquee 3m modular

modular clear span marquee


How is a clear span marquee different to a regular marquee?

The Clear span marquee is by far our most robust and versatile marquee type in our range. The main thing that makes a clear span marquee different to our standard marquees is that there are no internal poles required in order to support the structure. These structures are also designed to connect custom designed aluminium doors and windows if required.

This open-plan style creates free internal space allowing your guests to move around, stand and sit wherever they like. As you can imagine, this makes the clear span marquee a firm favourite for functions which require flexibility (such as wedding reception where the internal space is initially utilised for a sit down meal but then turns into a dance floor when all the tables and chairs and cleared).  Or if you choose you can get a larger tent that includes a dance area as well as space for seating at tables. The functionality is endless (clear span marquees have been used for rock concerts to changing rooms) and the applications are infinite. This robust design can withstand storms better than any other marquee type on the market thus you can be assured that your event will go ahead in any type of weather.

How to assemble your clear span marquee

Our clear span marquees are modular and very simple to extend in the length. The modular system ensures that, lengthwise, you can add 3m or 5m bays and make the structure longer. Installation variations may apply POA . Give us a call on 1800 005 707 to arrange.

How do I setup a Clear Span Marquee?

We are happy to setup the Clear Span Marquee for you for a small extra fee, or you can download the instructions here.

What weather conditions is this marquee suitable for?

If high just wind speeds are anticipated or forecast in the locality of the tent

  • For forecast winds in excess of 50km/hr – all openings shall be securely closed and no access provided.
  • For forecast winds in excess 60km/hr – all fabric shall be removed from the frames.

Wind Condition Table

Our clear span marquees are designed in Australia and therefore perfectly suited to our climate. Using only commercial grade materials, all structures are engineered to meet Australian Standards marquees are suitable for all seasons. All the covers and walls are constructed from PVC and are completely waterproof (PVC).

What extras are available with the Marquee?

Don’t forget about hiring the right flooring for your marquee. We offer a range of flooring systems. All of them are great value for money and easy to install. Tick the options below under “Product Extras” to add them to your shopping cart.



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