Chocolate Fountains

What can you dip in the Chocolate Fountain?
You can use anything edible that goes with chocolate. However, we strongly advise against anything crumbly (i.e. cake, brownies, etc.) or that may easily slide off the skewers. Crumbs can clog the holes and block the constant flow of chocolate through the Fountain.

Who provides the goodies to dip into the Chocolate Fountains? 
Our standard packages include marshmallows, skewers and napkins and you or your caterer provides the food. We can also provide the dipping food if separately ordered. However, we require a minimum of 100 people.

How does the Chocolate Fountain work? 
Once the fountain is assembled, turn the switch to the left to activate the heating element, which is controlled by a thermostat and wait 10 minutes for the fountain bowl to heat up. Then, pour the melted chocolate into the base until it is near the top rim. Balance the fountain if needed to allow a smooth and even flow of chocolate from the top of the fountain. Turn the switch to the right. This will turn on the motor, which turns the auger (corkscrew). The chocolate will be pushed up to the top where it will then flow down the 3-5 tiers and completely "enrobe" the fountain.

Does the Chocolate Fountain melt the solid chocolate? 
The Chocolate Fountain will melt the solid chocolate but, because of the low temperature, it would take a much longer time. We recommend melting the chocolate first over a double-boiler or in a microwave and then adding it to the Chocolate Fountain. Be sure that no water gets into the chocolate, as this will taint the chocolate.

How do I know if I melted the chocolate correctly? 
The chocolate should not be too warm or too cold, and it should have a nice shine to it. Also, the thickness of the chocolate is very important for proper flow. Chocolate that is too thick will not flow but drop from tier to tier. Chocolate that is too thin will flow but will have gaps in the robing of the tiers.

Can the Chocolate Fountain be used outdoors? 
Unfortunately you cannot run our Chocolate Fountains outdoors. Outside air temperature plays an important factor on the flowing consistency of the chocolate, as well as the running temperature of the fountain itself. In addition, even a slight breeze will blow the chocolate outside of the fountain and onto everything around it. Finally, flying critters tend to be very attracted to the chocolate's sweet aroma.

Is the Chocolate Fountain easy to assemble? 
Yes. The Chocolate Fountain comes in a few basic parts: (1) The base, with the motor and electrical cords; (2) the tower, which attaches to the four pegs inside the base bowl; (3) the auger, which goes inside the cylinder; (4) the three tiers, which are screwed onto the tube, and (5) the top hat, which is placed on the top of the fountain.

Is the Chocolate Fountain easy to clean? 
Yes. The top part of the fountain will completely dismantle into five separate parts, so you can put it into your dishwashing machine. Then dry thoroughly with a towel. The base has the motor and the electrical cords. Make sure not to immerse the base into water. You will have to scoop or pour out all the excess chocolate into an empty container. You can then pour clean water into the base to clean the bowl and then clean the remaining outer base with wet towels. It is quick and easily done straight after the event.

What are the table and electrical requirements for the Chocolate Fountain? 
The Chocolate Fountain weighs approximately between 30-50 kilos when full, therefore a level, sturdy table is a must. If it is not level, the chocolate will not flow properly. The Chocolate Fountain requires a standard 10 amp 240V power point.