Dance Lights, Music and Ambience

Do you provide dance lights?
Yes, we have a great dance light package that includes a variety of lights that will turn your party into a night club.

How many watts are your lights?
We have lights raging from 150W too 500W.

What power supply do you require for the lights? 
A standard power supply is required for all our equipment.

What songs do you have on the Karaoke Machine?
We have over 2000 songs of a variety of genres. An updated list can be provided on demand.

How big is the Karaoke Machine? 
It consists of 2 mics, a 15" LCD Monitor. It's very compact so easy to pickup by yourself.

How loud is your PA system? 
Our speakers are ideal for private indoor or outdoor parties. They are 400W self powered each.

When hiring a band do we need a sound engineer? 
Not if you are only having 3 band members. If you need anymore than that we can organise that for you.

Does the band have it’s own PA equipment? 
Yes. If you don’t have your own PA, the band can provide one for an additional fee.

What instruments are used? 
The Trio are Bass, Keys and Drums. We can add more instruments if needed at an additional fee.

Do you provide DJ’s or just bands? 
Yes, we can provide a DJ as well.

Do you provide public liability? 
Every club/venue should have their own Public Liability. Otherwise this is up to you.

What genres of music do you provide? 
Jazz, Blues, Soul, Accoustic.

What are Kinta Lights? 
Coloured lights that rotate and flash.

Does the mixer require an engineer? 
No, but if there is more than the Trio, then an engineer is required