Cocktail Machine Package 1 - 60 drinks

Slushie Machine Hire - Cocktail Machine single bowl

Cocktail Machine Package 

Cool down your next party with a slushie machine. Our slushie machines come in one, two or three 12L barrels and include premium cocktail mix, available in three exquisite flavours.

Make your cocktails a bit more grown up

Add a twist of alcohol to make your classic daiquiri, margarita or other frozen cocktails of your choice. Take a look at the diagram at the bottom of this page for some of our most favourite alcoholic slushie cocktails.

Package 1 - 1 flavour - 60 drinks includes:

  • Single bowl slushie machine
  • 12L of premium cocktail mix (enough for 60 drinks)
  • 50 regular plastic cups (200ml) and straws

Assembling your slushie machine

Our Cocktail Machine/Slushie Machines are a doddle to install. They all come with easy-to-follow instructions and remember, we’re only a telephone call away if you need a hand.

Slushie machine dimensions and weight

Single Bowl  27W x 48D x 82H (cm), 29kg empty, 41 kg when filled

Power Consumption

Single Bowl  450W (may draw up to 650W when first turned on)


Product Extras

If you want to add your own alcohol to our Slushie / Cocktail Machines, please:

1. Pour 1L of syrup into a 5L bottle (supplied)
2. Add 1 x 700ml bottle of clear spirits
3. Fill the remainder of the bottle with water
4. Shake well and pour into the machine bowl (Maximum of two 5L bottles at time)
5. Repeat for as many 5L as needed



For Pina Colada add a 1/2 a tin of coconut cream to every 5L bottle supplied.

Cocktail Machine max capacity: 10 litre each bowl (Total of 20L for a twin bowl machine)

All our frozen cocktail mixes are locally made and are very popular among Australian partygoers. Select from our famous fruit based Daiquiri cocktails or any of the cocktails below. We've got the kids covered too with our frozen slushie flavours guaranteed to put a smile on their face!

Drinks can be made as alcoholic or non-alcoholic. If you add-your-own alcohol, you will need 2 bottles of spirit (700ml) for every bowl that you are filling. In other words, you will need 2 bottles of alcohol for each side of the machine and that will make you 60 drinks.

We keep developing our flavours based on your feedback and ever changing trends. Whether you prefer a classic cocktail, tropical flavours or something unusual, you will surely find your own favourite in the list below. 

Cocktail King’s most loved cocktails:

It is also possible to add other spirits as recommended below in brackets.

Classic Cocktails

Strawberry Daiquiri  - Real Strawberries, Citrus Orange & Lime (White Rum)

Mango Daiquiri          - Succulent Mangoes, Citrus Orange & Lime (White Rum)

Fruit tingle                  - Green Apple, Blackcurrant Juice and Grenadine (Vodka) 

Mojito                           - Lime Juice, Mint and Brown Sugar (White Rum)

Cuba Libre                  - Cola and Squeezed Lime (White Rum)

Cosmopolitan            - Cranberry Juice, Citrus Orange & Lime (Vodka)


Tropical Cocktails

Lemon Margarita       - Lime Syrup & Lemon (Tequila)

Sex on the Beach     - Grenadine, Orange, Peach & Cranberry (Vodka)

Pina Colada               - Tropical Pineapple and Coconut Cream (White Rum)

Melon Mist                  - Ripe Melon, Splash of pineapple (White Rum)

Blue Hawaiian           - Blue Curacao, Pineapple Juice, Coconut Cream (White Rum)

Caribbean Crush      - Passionfruit, Pineapple Juice and Sweet & Sour Mix (White Rum)


Signature Cocktails

Mango Colada          - Succulent Mangoes, pineapple, coconut (White Rum)

Mimosa                       - Boysenberry, Orange, Peach, Mango (Vodka)

Guavatini                    - Hint of Mint, Lime, Guava, Grapefruit (Vodka)

Bull Fight                    - Raspberry, Red Bull (Vodka)

Blood Orange            - Juicy Blood red orange (Vodka)

Limoncello                 - Fresh Lemon, Italian style (Vodka)


Kids Slushie

Blue Lemonade


Bubble Gum


Tutti Fruity



NOTE: Our cocktail flavours are the same colour as the delicious cocktail names above!

             Customers to arrange their own alcohol