Three Winter Party Ideas

By now summer is almost a distant memory, as are backyard pool parties. There’s nothing better than a pool in summer, but what about in winter?

Did you know you could cover your pool with Cocktail King custom flooring solutions? Covering your pool can create extra space for your guests, a dance floor, or even a stage/centrepiece of your event.

Need help with a theme for your wintery backyard party? Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Christmas in July

In Australia, we’re all used to our hot and sweaty Christmases but what about throwing a Christmas in the cold of July?

Trade in the prawns and beer, for roast and eggnog, and decorate with warmth. 

This type of party can be so simple as decorations can be re-used or re-purposed from your traditional Christmas celebrations. Recipes abound online for a Christmas feast.

Consider these additions to your party plan:

1. A chocolate fountain

2. Outdoor heaters


The newest Disney film is now the number one animated film of all-time, and everyone has become enchanted with the frozen world of Arendelle. Recreate it for an unforgettable kids party.

Pinterest and the blogosphere has tons of suggestions on how to decorate your party space and make Frozen inspired snacks.

Consider these additions to your party plan:

1. A fog machine or a bubble machine to add to the ambience of your winter wonderland

2. A karaoke machine for a Frozen sing-along

3. A slushie machine - Blue Lemonade makes the perfect Frozen-themed drink!


One of the simplest themes for a winter party is making a bonfire the centre of attention and planning your menu and activities around it. Use bean bags or camp chairs, and make sure there are plenty of blankets on hand.

Use the fire pit or a barbecue to cook easy foods like sausages, burgers, onions, grilled vegetables and more, and then tie dessert into the theme by roasting marshmallows over the open flame.

Consider these additions to your party plan:

1. Additional outdoor heaters

2. Mood lighting with red/orange colored lights

3. A hot chocolate machine

There you have it - cover your pool this winter and use the space for a fantastic themed party idea.