Party Themes

The CK team will love to help you get the right cool theme for your party. We’ve got everything you need to make your party memorable forever. Browse our most popular theme and give us a call to get it all done at once – it is that easy!

Its ladies night at Cocktail king….we provide the service, style and drinks that will leave you with naughty memories and fun times.
For your choice: lights, cocktails (sex and the city),bartenders, karaoke, chocolate fountain

Sow your wild oats with a cocktail king bucks night. Start with our list of offers and take it from there. We provide the booze, entertainment and bartenders…. 
For your choice: karaoke, sumo suit, beer/shots, hot bar chick, cricket set.

Why let the winter blues get you down, celebrate the chilly seasons with a hot chocolate fountain under a marquee wonderland……lights, smoke machine. 
For your choice: smoke machine, project Images on marquee, choc fountain.

Aloha from the Cocktail king. This summer celebrate with a bevy of sun kissed bartenders and chilled cocktails. Turn your backyard into a Hawaiian vista. Pina Colada anyone? 
For your choice: cocktails, leis, wall decorations, pool toys, garden torches, grass skirts, marquee,

Wedding Anniversary
Celebrate your special day with an elegant cocktail kings……. 
For your choice: jazz trio, marquee, cocktails, choc fountain.

Lights, camera, action! Walk the red carpet with cocktail kings Hollywood party plan. Bring the glamour and glitz to your venue. 
For your choice: red carpet, cocktails, smoke machine, karaoke.

Come boogie with Cocktail Kings Retro Package!
For your choice: colour lights, smoke machine, cocktails, choc fountain, disco ball 
Rock and roll – juke box, karaoke, cocktails, colour lights, smoke machine, disco ball.

Milestone (18,21,30,40+)
For your choice: smoke machine, lighting/strobe,marquee,karaoke, dj, choc fountain,cocktail, jazz trio

For your choice: red carpet, lighting, smoke machine

For your choice: piñata, cocktails (pina colada), lighting, sombreros

Gangsta/Roaring 20’s
For your choice: red carpet , cocktails, bartenders, choc fountain, marquee, feather boas

For your choice: games, red carpet, lights, marquee, cocktails

For your choice: smoke machine, projects images, choc fountain, pumpkins

For your choice: hot bartenders, smoke machine, hef jacket for host, chocolate fountains, body paints, cocktails, lights, marquees

Some other ideas for your imagination:
Country and Western 
Sport Themes 
Mardi Gras 
Black & White 
Fortune telling/fantasy 
Dusk till Dawn 
Baby shower