Kids Party Themes

At Cocktail King we understand that everyone’s childhood should be one to be cherished and full of lasting memories. Let us help to create the perfect theme party that will be fun, meaningful, and memorable for your kids, their friends, and the entire family.

Baby 1st Birthday
This special occasion marks the beginning of a long and joyful life. Let the CK team put together a special theme for your close friends and family while you sit back, relax and start creating the wonderful memories.
Available Essentials:   chocolate fountain, cocktails, lights, marquee, projected images on marquee, patio heaters and more.

SuperHeros / Villan Party
Cocktail King will help you to bring the cartoons and comic strips to real life for an action packed party that the kids will love.   With costumes like the Incredibles, Spiderman, Superman and Wonder Woman this theme always saves the day. 
Available Essentials: smoke machine, projected superhero images on marquee, chocolate fountain, frozen mocktail machine, indoor virtual games, sumo superhero suits for the parents and more.

Princess Party
This is a royal birthday celebration that your little princess will remember forever.  All princesses have special requests, find out what hers are and we will help turn your home into the palace she has always dreamed of. 
Available Essentials: marquee, lights, chocolate fountain, projected images on marquee, frozen mocktail machine, and more.

Pirate Party
Arrrre you ready to turn your backyard into a pirate ship for a party that will have your kids and their shipmates having fun all day?!  We’ll help to create a treasure filled party that will make Captain Hook envious. 
Available Essentials: pirate images projected on marquee, smoke machine, wall decorations, lights, chocolate fountain, frozen mocktail machine, and more.

Other party themes that will help create the most memorable childhood:
Country and Western
Finding Nemo
Mexican Fiesta

Have another idea?  Let us know, and we will help you to make it happen!