Pagoda Tent 3 x 3

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The Pagoda Tent - 3 x 3 is the ideal choice for covering important areas at your outdoor events (whilst offering a little bit of flair into the bargain!)  At 3 metres by 3 metres, this pagoda is suitable for covering small spaces such as podiums or small vendor plots (such as at an outdoor festival). This Pagoda format creates style and is a break from the box shaped traditional structures. The Pagoda tent makes a focal point and backdrop for a wedding ceremony.

With it’s a simple fixed structure, the Pagoda 3 x 3 is perfect for covering a small area and giving your event a touch of character. Use one as an entry point or an extension to your patio or use multiple Pagodas to add style to your event.

How is a Pagoda Tent different than a regular marquee?

The Pagoda Tent is designed for covering smaller spaces than a marquee or clear span marquee. What sets them apart from their cousins is the distinctive (and pretty cool) pinched peaked roof. They have aesthetic looks but don’t have the advantages of the clear span marquees as you cannot join additional modules as each pagoda is a complete roof which cannot make a seamless join.

Pagoda Tents are incredibly versatile. It’s not advisable to join them together but their incredible looks create a large scale area for entertaining or separate rooms to break an event into a variety of areas. This makes them the ideal choice for festivals and other outdoor events where you want one large covering with clear demarcation between areas.

Number of people catered for

This Pagoda Tent is large enough to comfortably accommodate 9/12 people standing or 8/10 people seated.

Pagoda Tent Dimensions

This Pagoda Tent has the following dimensions:

3 metres x 3 metres

How to assemble your Pagoda Tent

Our clear Pagoda tents are modular and very simple erect with some training. The modular system is one complete tent which includes Pagoda tent walls. In most circumstances we have incorporated the installation costs however if there are long distances to carry the equipment or we need to work at odd hours there may be extra charges. Installation variations may apply POA . Give us a call on 1800 005 707 to arrange. Our Pagoda tents are versatile and suitable for most surfaces. We use pegs on lawn and weights on hard surfaces. Some public parks and venues don’t allow pegs so weights are required even on the lawn.

How do I setup a Pagoda Tent?

We are happy to setup the Pagoda Tent for you for a small extra fee, or you can download the instructions here.

What weather conditions is this Pagoda Tent suitable for?


Our pagodas are designed in Australia and therefore perfectly suited to our climate. Using only commercial grade materials, we are confident that our Pagodas are suitable for all seasons. All the covers and walls are constructed from PVC and are completely waterproof (PVC).

What extras are available?

Don’t forget about hiring the right flooring for your Pagoda tent. We offer a range of flooring systems. All of them are great value for money and easy to install. Tick the options below under “Product Extras” to add them to your shopping cart. We also offer a free layout and event design. On those hot summer days you might want to consider air conditioning or just remove the tent walls. We have a full range of banquet equipment, table chairs, table linen - just about everything needed for your event. You might wish to add a solid walling system with integrated aluminium doors and windows as well as an internally weighted flooring system. The options are endless.



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