Marquees, Flooring and Flexitents

What is the marquee height? 
The marquees have a bell shape. From the floor to the PVC frame it is 2.05m while the top of the bell is about 3.25m from the ground.

What colours are the marquees? 
All our marquees are white unless otherwise stated.

Are they waterproof? 
Yes, our marquees are all made out of PVC which is 100% waterproof.

How many poles are within the marquee? 
Our marquees are modular and have a thin pole every 3 meters.

Can the marquees be only used on grassed surfaces? 
No, our marquees can be erected on both soft and hard surfaces. We use a combination of pegs; sand bags and weights to secure the marquees to the ground.

What kind of floor do you supply?
We have a special wood floor for outdoor use that can be installed on grass, concrete surface under the marquees or outside in the open space. They are also perfect to be used as dance floors.

What colour is the floor? 
The floor is green (grass) colour.

Can you provide a floor over the pool? 
No. Unfortunately, we do not have the structure to place floors over pools.

Do you have a red carpet? 
Yes, we have a red carpet runner size 1.2m wide by 7m long.

How do I setup my Marquee, Pagoda Tent or Clear Span Marquee?

Please follow the instructions: Marquee, Pagoda Tent, Clear Span Marquee.